Life Members

Ben Arthur

Pearl Arthur

Graeme Charteris

On field

I started playing for Waitemata FC (Henderson FC back then) in 1970 at the age of 5. It was a great place to make friends which I am still in regular contact with. I played until 1982 marking one season in the reserve team. I moved clubs to play 1st team Football.

Due to a number of Football injuries I retired from playing at the age of 30.

Off field

In 2004 I returned to Waitemata FC as a junior coach, for my son’s 7th Grade Team. I coached his team up to 19th Grade. In 2005 I became involved with the club Committee. I held a number of positions – Junior Club Captain 7 years, Club Secretary 2 years and President 5 years.

At the time I joined the committee, the Men’s 1st team were struggling in NRFL Div 2. We finally dropped down to the NFF Conference League – (a league which is very hard to get out of). This is where we stayed for 8 long seasons – even after winning the league 3 times and runner-up 3 times, but losing play-offs to be promoted back to the NRFL. It was a joy to finally be rewarded, winning the league in 2015 and moving back up to NRFL.

I resigned from the President role and the committee in 2019.

Family connection

Both my sons played for the club. My eldest gave it a go but decided this was not for him. My youngest, Joshua – I coached from 7th grade to 19th grade.

My wife Kirsten was the manager of Joshua’s team all the way through that time. She had always supported me in my different roles at the football club and when I resigned from the committee, she took up the reins of Administration Officer and also became a committee member too.

Our family has Yellow and Red running through our veins like so many families at the club.

I would encourage all members to donate some time to the club. Whether that be helping on game day with field set up or Tuck Shop, Kitchen, Bar or joining the committee. It is very rewarding.

Kirsten Charteris

My time at Waitemata goes back to watching my brother play here in the late 70’s and 80’s but more recently supporting my son who played at Waitemata from 2004-2019.

I managed my son’s team, alongside my husband who coached the team, from 7th grade thru to 19th Grade.

When my husband Graeme became President, I supported him, helping in the background with administration. In 2017 I became Administration officer and have continued in this role up until November 2022.

I have enjoyed the time here working in the background. It has been so lovely to meet so many families enjoying their football. It is so good seeing them re-enrolling for the following years.

Waitemata is a wonderful club with so much rich history. I look forward to continuing to support the club, watching it grow and develop further, in the many years to come.

Richard Edmands

Leo Fels

Paul "Dutchie" Heynen

On Field

Started playing for Western United then Henderson United then Waitemata F.C. (all the same club) at the age of 4 in 1961 consecutively to 2012 (Never played for any other club)

Was a keen runner and ran countless hours to and from work, to training as well as running to AUT in Carrington rd. and home again for my apprenticeship in Building, to home.

Played first team Waitemata for 12 years 1975-1990

143 first team appearances. We won one championship.

Played and coached for the over 35’s

Played indoor Waitemata and 7 aside

Played for the NZ team for World Master in Melbourne in 2002

Off Field

Coached Midgets and juniors from 1987 onwards

Coached Auckland Junior Girls under 14 team 1999

Spent countless hours helping to build The Club rooms that we now have, as I am a Builder by trade and built the stage a few years later

Worked behind the bar

Did the Telephone book run as fundraiser for years

Fundraising Bottle drives for the juniors

Got Coaches badge and refereed for years

Family connections

My Dad Kees Heynen played in Keeling Rd before I did right in the beginning

Ex-wife Shirley played and Captained Ladies team

3 Children Jason Daniel and Laura all played for Waitemata and Waitakere United as we lived next door to Fred Taylor Park

Laura Heynen still playing for Waitemata (Has been captain for the Ladies 1st Team for years. She has won numerous golden boot awards

Granddaughter Sophia Good and Grandson Lucas Bieshaar now playing for Waitemata

Other Grandson Kuba playing for Auckland United and granddaughter Maja just started little kickers and have 3 other grandchildren too young to play we will see where they go!

A very proud Opa and Dad who loves to support them all.

I am privileged to have been a part of this fantastic football family club since 1961!

Mike House

Conan McKinstry

On Field

Joined Waitemata in 1993 and made 150 First Team Apperances. Still playing O35s Started coaching in 1994 at Waitemata and have continued to coach. Have coached First Team, Reserves, Womans, Social, Youth and Junior

Off Field

Senior Committee member for WFC since 2018 President for WFC since 2020

Family Connections

Daughter Aneka joined in 2011 playing Midgets, Juniors, Youth and Womans Team. Son Kieran joined in 2014 playing Midgets and Juniors for WFC.

Jack Morris

Mark Reid

On Field: 

On field contribution was limited initially to that of Midget and Junior parent and supporter before taking on the role of Team manager (in conjunction with my wife Karenne) for a number of years for both my sons Junior and Youth teams.

  • Manager from 2001 to 2006 (6 seasons) for my oldest sons coach Alan Taylor (Life Member).

  • Manager from 2009 to 2011 (3 seasons) for my youngest sons coach Andrew Smith (Life member).

Off Field: 

I started to produce the Waitemata FC first team match day programme from the beginning of the 2013 season.  Have produced a match day programme for every home League, Chatham Cup and other Cup fixtures over the past decade. Produced my 100th programme for the club at the beginning of the 2022 season.  Programmes have been acknowledged by New Zealand Football, awarded the:

  • 2014 New Zealand Football Media Association – Match day Programme of the Year.

  • 2015 New Zealand Football Media Association – Match day Programme of the Year

  • 2016 New Zealand Football Media Association – Match day Programme of the Year

  • 2017 New Zealand Football Media Association – Match day Programme of the Year

With the enormous assistance of the New Zealand Football Historian Barry Smith I have also endeavored to compile and document as much of the history, stories and statistical data of the club’s first team and those players (male and female), as well as notable personalities that have contributed to the rich history of the club, before much of that history is lost forever to the passing of time. 

Family Connections:

Both my sons played through Midget, Junior and Youth grades for Waitemata FC continuously from 1998 through until 2012.

Tina Rebers

Brett Sedon

Grant Sedon

Sue Sedon

Mike Sheehan

Andrew Smith

Barbara Smith

Brian Smith

Alan Taylor

Peter van der Sluis

Peter Verryt

Nick Wezenbeek

Past members

Brian Smith

Gjalt Steegstra

Tony Kamphorst

Elaine Sheehan

May Sonntag

Roy Thomas

Ron Wheaton