Skills Program (9th-13th grade)

An important stage for a junior player is their development through the ages of 9-13 years.

This is the ‘golden age’ of learning and the optimal time to focus skill development.

During the skill acquisition phase (9 to 12 years), junior players are encouraged to take part in weekly trainings in addition to a game. The Waitemata FC Skills Program is for all players aged 9-13 years to attend alongside players of a similar age, aiming to develop key skills in an enjoyable environment that encourages player development. The Skills Program offers a structured programme aligned with New Zealand Football that aims to develop:

• Four core attacking skills (striking the ball - receiving the ball - travelling with the ball - 1v1)
• Four core defending skills (marking - pressing - interception - tackling)
• Two constants of positioning and communication

If you have any questions about the Skills Program, please contact our director of football, Dan Johnston on