Major Sponsorship Announcement!!

7 Apr

MAJOR SPONSORSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT 2021!!!!This year we are very proud to have Laura Heynen from Bayleys Real Estate sponsoring our club and the women’s 2nd Division team.Laura has played football for Waitemata since the age of 5, following in the footsteps of a sporty family with her dad Paul being a life member at our club and her daughter starting this year too (just like her mum). Laura has taken over the role of coaching the Little League this year, as well as having the position as the team captain of her women’s team sums her up, an all-round Team player. This girl is motivated and does not give up until the job is done and ensures the process to get there ends in a GOAL!Being involved with the community and helping out where she can is what Laura loves to do. Laura has promised that for each real estate transaction she gets through the football club she will give $500 back to the Club. We are very thankful to have Laura and Bayleys on board this year, good luck for the season Laura we look forward to supporting you and the team.Laura Heynen - From selling real estate to scoring goals.